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RSCK Public Policy

Guiding Philosophy

The Realtors of South Central Kansas represents over 1,400 real estate professionals in the Wichita Area. Our Association and its members believe that REALTORS® has a role to play in every community faced with the challenges of growth and quality of life issues that are important to creating and supporting vibrant, developing areas. We believe that homeownership positively impacts neighborhoods, communities, and the economic stability of the Wichita Region.

We offer the benefits of our knowledge of real estate experience and technical facilities to the public in general and government in particular. The Association and its REALTOR® members are dedicated to working with our elected officials to create better communities by supporting quality growth, seeking sustainable economies, and providing housing opportunities that embrace the environmental qualities we value while protecting the rights of private property owners.

Affiliated Business Arrangements

The Realtors of South Central Kansas supports the removal of any state legislative barriers to the successful operation of Affiliated Business Arrangements in Kansas.

RSCK Government Affairs Committee Mission Statement

As "The Voice of Real Estate" in the Wichita Area, it is the responsibility of the Association and its members to remain vigilant in the affairs of government. The Association urges members to become involved and participate in political activity at all levels of government. The Association will offer its services and support to candidates committed to the free enterprise system and to the protection of the rights of private property owners. The RSCK Governmental Affairs Committee strives to maintain a proactive and non-partisan approach to protecting the interests of real estate professionals.

  • The Governmental Affairs Committee is dedicated to keeping REALTORS® informed of changes in law and public policy impacting the real estate profession. This includes encouraging all REALTOR® members to actively participate in protecting private property rights.
  • Through the monitoring of the legislative process and legislation under consideration and through effective communication with legislators representing the Wichita area the Governmental Affairs Committee works with the Kansas Association of REALTORS® to affect legislation impacting the real estate industry.
  • Support candidates who are dedicated to the free enterprise system and the support of private property rights, and assist such candidates in their legislative activities. Inform the KAR RPAC Trustees of candidates that are deserving of REALTOR® support.
  • Establish or participate in the grassroots political forces which assist in issue awareness and the selection of candidates who will carry out the basic philosophy of our Association.

It is deemed to be in the best interest of the Realtors of South Central Kansas that in order to maintain credibility in the Association’s lobbying efforts, that all official positions, statements, and correspondence pertaining to legislative issues be expressed by the current Chairperson of the RSCK Governmental Affairs Committee or the Association President in conjunction with the Governmental Affairs Chairperson and the RSCK Government Affairs Director.

Local Legislative Agenda (adopted March 19, 2015)

Economic Development

Support for policies that entice job growth and investment in our city.

The REALTORS® of South Central Kansas believes that the City of Wichita and Sedgwick County should enact policies, and invest in programs, that encourage economic development and spur job creation.  RSCK believes that a diverse local economy is critical to the future of Wichita.  The City and County need to work together to create an environment that incentivizes investment from local businesses and attracts new businesses to the region.


Support for a tax structure that encourages homeownership and community investment.

The REALTORS® of South Central Kansas recognizes that in order for the government to properly function, a reasonable tax structure is necessary.  This is especially true at the city and county level.  These taxes, however, must not be implemented in a way that becomes overly burdensome to either its citizens or its businesses. Due to the already high property tax burden in Kansas, RSCK would oppose any efforts by the City or County to increase property taxes.

Water Management and Conversation

Support for the long term vitality of our water resources and infrastructure.

The REALTORS® of South Central Kansas recognizes that sustainable access to water is a long-term priority for all Kansans.  It is particularly important to those in the City of Wichita and Sedgwick County.  Water conservation and improvements to water infrastructure are vital to the future of our city and county.  RSCK supports candidates and policies that ensure the long-term vitality of our water resources.

Private Property Ownership

The Realtors of South Central Kansas is committed to the idea of private ownership of real property. Private ownership of real property is the foundation of our nation’s free enterprise system. The Realtors of South Central Kansas seeks to ensure that government does not arbitrarily violate an individual’s opportunity to possess, develop, and transfer real property as supported by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and supports efforts to mandate the government to fairly compensate landowners who forfeit private property rights through a regulatory taking.

Housing Affordability

We the Realtors of South Central Kansas recognize the housing needs that are present among low-income and rental households. We recognize that these are the very families who will eventually become homeowners. Our goal is to encourage homeownership opportunities and we urge that any housing policy address in its major elements both rental assistance programs and programs to alleviate the growing problems facing first-time homebuyers. These objectives can best be served by a healthy residential and commercial real estate market in an economic environment that fosters an ample supply and accessible financing.

Rental Unit Licensure

The Realtors of South Central Kansas is opposed to the mandatory licensure of landlords and Rental Unit Licensure in the City of Wichita.

Wichita Historic Registry

The REALTORS® of South Central Kansas recognizes the importance of preserving the history of our nation, state, and community. RSCK confirms its role in the preservation of the private property rights of property owners by recommending that the Wichita City Code be amended to require that only the owner of a designated historic landmark receive a certificate of appropriateness prior to undertaking a project. That upon application for a historic landmark destination, appropriate written notice of the designation process will be delivered to all individuals owning property within 200 feet of the proposed landmark. That the City adopts a clearly defined appeals process for property owners who are impacted by the designation.