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ELITE Certified Agent Program

Creating and supporting professional, ethical,
career-minded real estate agents!

Why Register

Gain the knowledge and skills to best serve your clients and customers.

Have the confidence and level of professionalism that attracts people to work with you.

Begin your new career on a path that sets you up for long-term success.

Complete the whole program to get your first certification by becoming an Elite Certified Agent granted by RSCK.

Utilize the ECA certification to market yourself to buyers and sellers, signifying your dedication and passion for what you do.


The Program

Session 1 - Details Matter: Practical Application of the Laws Impacting Real Estate (6 hours)

Session 2 - The Changing Real Estate Landscape: Strategies to Address Today’s Realities (3 hours)

Session 3 - The Seller Centric Experience: Steps for a Comprehensive Listing Process (3 hours)

Session 4 - The No Drama Transaction: Working with Buyers (3 hours)

Session 5 - Let’s Get Real: Risk Reduction by Minimizing Agent Mistakes (3 hours)

Session 6 - Setting the Stage for Success: Business Planning Fundamentals (3 hours)

BONUS Materials

Complete the program and you will receive the following valuable resources and tools:

    • List of 394 website links
    • List of 71 apps
    • Rookie Blueprint - offering ideas and guidance useful for up to the first 6 months in business.

Please note:  New Members with a Salesperson license are required to attend Session 1 within 180 days of joining RSCK. (Effective 6/14/2021)


New Members Under Requirement

  • Session 1 - NO COST
  • Individual Sessions 2 through 6 - $30 each
  • OR Entire Program - $100

Available for All Other Members

  • Session 1 - $60
  • Individual Sessions 2 through 6 - $30 each
  • OR Entire Program - $160

There is no application fee, annual dues or additional education requirements once the certification is granted.


Session 1 - Stephanie McCurdy Session 2 - Kate Caselton Session 3 - Samar Edenfield
Session 4 - Cheryl Huebert Session 5 - Adam Crowder Session 6 - Sandy McRae
All six sessions must be completed within one year to be granted the certification.


Program is managed & maintained by the REALTORS of South Central Kansas with the certification granted by RSCK and exclusive to its members.